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About Jessica

If it has to do with your health, I can help. 



You're here because you:


a. Need help balancing your hormones or getting pregnant and don't know where to start.

b. Wish it were easier to plan healthy meals and get your family to eat them too.

c. Know that you need to follow your doctor's recommendations to lose weight, eat better, or exercise more but can't do it on your own.

d. Really want to know what this essential oil buzz is all about. 

e. Just want to know how you can optimize your health and improve it even more.

f. Are looking for an awesome doula!



GOOD NEWS, my friend! There is no wrong answer. If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right place.



Hi! I'm Jessica. It's my goal to support you on your health journey no matter what answer you chose from the choices above.   


My journey into health began several years ago when my husband and I started trying to grow our family.  I decided to start cleaning up our diets when over a year had passed with no pregnancy.  I knew I must be on to something when I got pregnant just a few months after eating clean.


Unfortunately, our journey didn't end there as we lost that baby and three others in our 4+ years of fertility struggles.  


As I researched more and learned more, I found this had become more than a hobby for me.  I discovered essential oils and felt this desire growing in me to help others and to teach them what I had learned about health and the power of essential oils to support and improve your health.  


I became an Essential Oils Educator with doTERRA in 2015 and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2016.  


Most recently, this journey has led me to the calling of Birth Doula.  There is something magical and sacred about witnessing a baby's first breaths.  I value the ability to influence baby's health in a positive way from their very first moments on earth and I consider it an honor to support mothers through labor and delivery.



Essential Oils

Healthy cooking / Meal planning


Elimination diets

Preconception / Pregnancy

Labor / Birth

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