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Birth is amazing, no matter how it happens.

Meet Jessica


DONA Certified Birth Doula, doTERRA essential oils educator, and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Jessica's passion for health and wellness flows from her heart into everything she does.  


Jessica's own struggles with wellness and infertility are the reason that she is so passionate about helping others.  She knows the frustration and helplessness of less-than-optimal health and how overwhelming it can be to find the answers you're looking for.  She also knows the sacredness and importance of birth and how meaningful it is to have as positive an experience as possible when bringing new life into the world.

In whatever capacity you may work with her, Jessica ensures that you will feel heard, cared for, and valued as an individual. Each person is different and that's one of the things she loves most about her job - each day is a new adventure! 

Birth Support



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